Embodied July Cohort

Registration closes 7/6/2020

Embodied is AlphaFemme's year long curriculum designed to assist men and women in the navigation through the depths of the Self discovery process. 

The goal of Embodied is to restore, first, your relationship to Self.

By healing your relationship to yourSelf, your relationship to Other is positively affected.

Embodied includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing methodologies that are rooted in self compassion and integration of the unconscious. 

Together we will bring conscious awareness to our unconscious negative thoughts, behaviors, and patterns.

We will transmute and integrate them with practices of presence, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and aligned, intentional action.

Embodied was created using elements of somatic intelligence learned in my doctoral education, my personal dark night of the soul, and my experiential wisdom gained through my individuation process. 

This course has been expanded into a 12 month long curriculum to provide enough time and space for integration for true authentic you to evolve and expand as you begin to incorporate the elements of reclamation into your life.

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